2018 Wellbeing Challenge – Going for Goals!

Following on from the success of previous Activity Challenge events, we are introducing a new Wellbeing Challenge for 2018. It’s a little bit different this year – the aim is not only to encourage us to become more active but to also think more about the things that impact your overall health and wellbeing. 

How does it work?

  • Registration open on Tuesday 8 May until Sunday 20 May
  • Registration code SSEWB2018
  • Start Date of challenge Monday 4 June
  • End Date of challenge Sunday 1 July
  • Duration 4 weeks
  • You can participate individually or as a team of up to 5

What’s different with Going for Goals?

  • Each day you can score up to a maximum of six goals
  • The goals cover a range of health and wellbeing activities, making us all think about our lifestyles and how we can improve things in some way
  • Over the course of the four weeks, your aim is to achieve as many of the goals as you can and simply record these in the dedicated and simple to use website, https://activitychallenge.sse.com/
  • If you fancy being competitive, use the individual and team leader boards to track your progress and encourage your colleagues
  • Be sure to register early, there will be goody bags for the first 5,000 who sign up!

Please ensure you participate safely

You should always consult your doctor or medical practitioner before any physically activity you are not used to. If you suffer from any medical condition, are taking any medication, receiving any medical treatment or are pregnant please seek advice from your general practitioner or doctor before starting any new physical activity.