Twenty one miles and 45,000 additional steps....

Stop making excuses to get away from your desk.....

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Lisa Doogan - The end of the challenge... or is it?

Lisa talks about the challenge and shares some stats....

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Let the challenge commence...

"Going for Goals" is finally underway!

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A message from Mark Patterson, Group SHE Manager

Registration is now open and Mark Patterson, Group SHE Manager, talks about why he likes the new approach to the Wellbeing Challenge but how he also needs to practice what he preaches!

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2018 Wellbeing Challenge

Following on from the success of previous Activity Challenge events, SSE is introducing a new Wellbeing Challenge for 2018 – Going for Goals.

It’s a little bit different this year – the aim is not only to encourage colleagues to become more active but to also think more about the things that impact their overall health and wellbeing.

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