What the activity challenge is all about

It’s about getting all of us to reflect on our current levels of activity and to give us a bit of a nudge to find a way to do more, in whatever way works for you (even if it’s just a lunchtime walk)...

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NINO update

Team work in full effect....



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A message from Charlotte Mitchell, Head of SHE Standards.

My little puppy and what he thinks of the Activity Challenge...



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Over to Will Morris, Retail Managing Director....

If you miss the odd day or two, don't give up......

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What Is NINO?

You may well have spotted a number of NINO teams spread throughout the Activity Challenge leader board.…

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What Gregor Alexander,Finance Director, has to say about this year's challenge....

By being fit you help your mental agility...

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Hear what our Executive Committee have to say about the challenge

John Stewart, Director of Human Resources, talks about the importance of hitting your targets

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Feels good to feel fit

Exercise is hard work, it's time-consuming and your body aches - so why bother?


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Special Message From Mark Beaumont

We have a special message from British adventurer and endurance athlete Mark Beaumont who will soon be testing the durability of the human body and mind when he attempts to cycle around the world in 80 days.

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Mark Patterson, Group Safety, Health and Environment Manager, talks about health and fitness

Health and fitness is very important to my family and I, although my wife is a lot more disciplined than I am. She is very conscious of what we all eat as a family and very dedicated to her fitness regime.

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