A message from Charlotte Mitchell, Head of SHE Standards. Day 17

As we have now passed the halfway point of this year's Activity Challenge, Charlotte Mitchell has this message about how easy it can be to change your thought processes - and what her 1 year old puppy thinks of the challenge!

Halfway through the challenge and I hope everyone is still motivated.  One reason that organisations have these challenges is to encourage people to get out and exercise, and there's nothing wrong with that, but the main benefit that we have heard about from our colleagues is the team building effect.

I know in our team we certainly have a friendly team rivalry and everyone gets a buzz out of seeing how the 'other' team has done.  Getting out at lunchtime or before or after work with your work mates is a great and healthy way to have fun and you might find out more about them.

The Activity Challenge benefits more than just physical health - exercise really boosts your mental wellbeing and resilience as well as helping you to get a good night’s sleep. The four week duration is really there for a reason too - it has been shown that if you practice something for four weeks it starts to become an embedded habit!

I've been searching out ways to get more steps into my day during the challenge and on my trip this week to London from Perth, I'm actively looking forward to all the walking I'll be doing. That's honestly not what my normal thought pattern would be, so it shows how these activity challenges can change someone from a couch potato to a happy stepper.

Finally - someone who loves the challenge much more than anyone else I have met is my little puppy Cocoa! He's one year old next week, so this is his first activity challenge and he's jumping for joy with the extra walks!

Charlotte Mitchell, Head of SHE Standards


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