What Is NINO? Day 10

You may well have spotted a number of NINO teams spread throughout the Activity Challenge leader board. I was kindly asked to say a few words on behalf of the SSE NINO collective and highlight why we are getting involved in this year’s Activity Challenge…

What is NINO?

No Input No Output. It started in 2014 as a commitment to engage and participate in a range of wellbeing activities to help us get active and stay on top of our work and life challenges.

Events include the Mile Tracker, Weigh-Off, Midday Run, Hill Walks, Ice Cream & Festive Walks, Commitment Month, Plank Friday and NINO Social.

Who is NINO?

We have over 430 members across Finance, Group Audit Risk & Insurance, Regulation, Corporate Affairs, Co Sec & Investor Relations, HR, EPM and Gen Dev, who take part in the Mile Tracker (effectively a monthly Activity Challenge). Gregor Alexander, Finance Director, is the NINO sponsor. Both APD and Gregor take part in the Mile Tracker and a number of Executive Directors get involved in other NINO initiatives. Tone comes from the top!

Where is NINO?

We have 46 NINO captain/vice captains and 16 location champs across Basingstoke, Cardiff, Cumbernauld, Dublin, Eurocentral, Exeter, Havant, Glasgow, Perth, Reading & Thatcham.

Why Activity Challenge?

To be able to deliver you need to be energised. The Challenge gives our Mile Tracker a healthy spike and allows us to mix-up the teams. Alan Coyle has committed to do a flagship 40 mile run Oxford to Reading on the final day. Whether you are part of Alan's direct support team or supporting him from afar, the challenge is for everyone to do "one more" step/mile than you did last year.

It’s ultimately about building a proud team with the emphasis on participation and inclusiveness running throughout. NINO is the glue that helps keeps us together.

But don't take my word for it – ask those around you who are part of the NINO collective and hear what they have to say about it.

Want NINO?

Feel free to drop me an email Jamie.reid@sse.com or give me a call and see how NINO can benefit you and your department.


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