One of the simplest ways to look after your health is to be as active as possible. This year's Activity Challenge has one SIMPLE message – aim towards achieving 10,000 steps a day. The activity challenge and walking in particular is a fun and leisurely way to become more physically active and build up slowly to the 10,000 a day target.

How Does It Work?

Registration window:Open until Friday 21 April
Registration code:SSEAC2017
Start Date of challenge:Monday 24 April
End Date of challenge:Sunday 21 May
Duration:4 weeks
Badges:10,000 steps a day
Teams size:Up to a maximum of 5

To find out more about the challenge, click here.


How do I register?

Every individual will be required to register on the website entering the registration code – SSEAC2017. You can use your SSE email address or a personal email address. Please remember your email address and password as you will need this each time to log into the website. Registration will be open until midnight on Friday 21 April.

What happens once I've registered?

You can decide if you want to take part in the challenge individually or as part of a team. Ideally it's best to take part as a team so you can motivate and encourage each other.

I can't remember my login / password details?

Your login is your email address and there is a password reset facility available , click on the password reset link and an email will be sent to you to reset your password.

How do I become a team captain?

Once registered, simply decide on the name of your team and then select Create team. After that, decide who you want to be in your team and just let them know. Give them a call or email and let them know your team name. They will need to register and once they have, they can simply join your team by searching for the team name.

How do I join a team?

Once registered, click on Join team and then search for the team name. The team name will appear in a list along with the team captain's name. Once you have found your team name, simply click on Join.

How do I add my team members?

We have made the process much simpler this year. Once you have registered and created your team name, just let those who you want in your team know. Once they have registered, they can search for your team and then simply join. The team captain can then see this in their team dashboard as well as the member who can see the team they have joined.

I can't see my site location on registration?

As part of the registration process we have included as many SSE sites as possible but not all sites will be listed. Please choose the nearest site to your location.

Can I take part individually?

Yes of course. It's all about looking after your health and being as active as possible, aiming for those 10,000 steps a day! So if you don't want to be part of a team that's absolutely fine. However, being part of a team is a good way to encourage each other and keep you motivated so the more teams out there the better.

How can I help make SSE donate £1000 to Cancer Research?

Make sure you register! And then encourage all those around you to also take part and register. Remember, if we reach the target we have set ourselves then we will make the donation. We really want to encourage as many of our employees to think about their health and activity levels as possible so the more of us that take part in the challenge the better.

How can I win a Fitbit?

Again make sure you register as early as possible! The first 2,500 employees that register will be entered into a random prize draw and a lucky 50 of you will win a Fitbit Flex 2. During the challenge itself, we will also give away a further 50 Fitbits over the four weeks. So once you've registered, keep logging those steps and look out for communications that will tell you how you can be in with a chance to win one of this fantastic prizes.

Why are there no pedometers this year?

After last year, we looked at the feedback and all your comments very carefully. With so many of you using your own devices and mobile phone apps to track steps, it was clear many of you prefer the flexibility to use your own means to record steps. Taking this into consideration, along with the costs and logistics associated to providing pedometers, the decision was made not to issue them this year. The majority of people have a smart phone nowadays and there are many free apps available to download that can track steps. Some examples are:-

  • MapMyWalk GPS for iPhone, Android or Windows
  • Nike + Running App for iPhone or Android
  • Walkmeter GPS, available for the iPhone
  • World Walking, available for iPhone and Android
  • Pedometer
  • Simple Walking
  • WalkLogger
  • Walkroid
  • Steps Counter
If you are using your smart phone to track your steps, please ensure you do so securely and in line with any guidelines or policies of your office or location. If you have any questions please check with your line manager.

Can I buy my own pedometer:

Yes, there are numerous places you can buy your own pedometer on the high street or on-line starting from just £5.00 each. Don't forget you can use your pedometer from last year or use any type of fitness tracker or smart phone app.

How do I add my steps?

We encourage you to add steps daily. Once logged into the activity challenge website, you can log your steps from My Dashboard or by clicking on the Log steps now button. You can also enter multiple amount of steps for one date if you find this an easier way to record your activities.

How do I edit my steps?

If you have entered steps incorrectly, you can use the Edit function from My Dashboard. Simply click on the edit icon and the Edit your steps page will open. Don't forget to save your details once you have amended them.

Can I add steps for another person?

Only the team captain can enter steps for any of their team members. On the Log steps now page, the team captain will see a list of all their team members and can select the name they wish to enter steps for. The team captain will also have the ability to edit steps for any of their members from the Team Dashboard page.

Can I convert other activities into steps?

On the Log steps now page, you will be able to choose any activities you have participated in and covert these in to steps. There is an activity calculator to help with this, allowing you to simply choose an activity, enter the number of minutes and it will convert this into steps. Don't forget to add this to your steps from your pedometer. If your activity is not listed, use the other activities button based on standard intensity levels to create a steps equivalent. Remember, this is a fun challenge and we encourage you to be honest and log the correct amount of steps.

How do I get a badge?

It's simple, if you achieve 10,000 steps a day or more you will receive a badge! As a guideline, approximately 2000 steps is equal to one mile of walking, so achieving 10,000 steps a day or 5 miles is quite a challenge. If you are already active you should be able to achieve this easily but if you are not, then work towards it slowly and increase your steps or activities a little each day. The challenge is four weeks and is personal to each and every one of you.

Can I win more than one badge per day?

No. If you achieve 10,000 or more steps a day you will only receive one badge, no matter what amount you actually complete.

Do I have to enter all my steps at the same time?

No, you can enter steps for any date at any time but it's easier to keep up to date and enter them as regularly as possible. Make sure you record steps for the correct date – don't forget they can easily be amended using the edit steps function if you do make a mistake.

How many steps do my team need to walk?

There is no set amount for anyone. We want to encourage as many of you to become more active and that's it. The 10,000 steps a day is just a target and a way to help encourage and motivate you. The activity challenge is a fun way to help make us all more active and healthier. Support, encourage and motivate your team members, whatever their target may be.

How can I track my / my teams progress?

The Team Dashboard provides an overall view of your teams progress, including total steps each day and total steps per member. The team captain also has the ability to edit their team member's steps here. There are both Individual and Team Leaderboards. On the Individual Leaderboard it will default to ordering the table by Badges. You can change this to steps to have a different view if you wish. You can also filter the view by Business Unit, Department and Location or Search for your colleagues! This should provide those of you who are competitive with everything you need! You can also search for teams on the Team Leaderboard, filter by team captain location and change the default from badges to total steps if you wish.

Can I change or move teams?

Yes you can move teams at any time if you wish. However, it's best to try and remain in the same teams if you can so this should be avoided if possible. The team captain can simply remove you from a team via the Manage members function on the Team Dashboard.

Once you have been removed from a team, you can join any other team that hasn't reached the maximum of 5 members.

Can I change my team name?

Yes you can change the name of your team from the Team Dashboard. Just click on Edit Team and amend the details. Don't forget to save your details.

Can I change any of my details?

Yes you can amend any of your personal details from the Manage Profile function on your Dashboard, including your avatar, photo or department name.